Well Stimulation

皇冠hg0088信用网址well stimulation is an oil and gas term for using high-pressure water and sand to crack a rock formation deep underground. by pumping this fluid into a drilled well, we are able to open up tiny fissures, up to several tenths of an inch wide, which then allow oil and natural gas resources trapped in tight rocks to flow back through our pipes and up to the surface, where we capture them for energy use.

Well stimulation is a highly technical, precise, and proven method. It allows us to more efficiently and effectively extract oil and natural gas, and with Continental’s ECO-Pad®皇冠hg0088信用网址 technique, we can drill and stimulate four wells on a single location, using the same roads, power lines, and pipelines for all four wells. Producing more energy while using fewer resources makes good economic sense and reflects the responsibility we feel toward the communities and environment in which we operate.

You can learn more about well stimulation and the ECO-Pad®皇冠hg0088信用网址 through our videos.